Debt Placement & Financing

With the current limitations of lending institutions and our economic climate, it has never been more important to have an in depth understanding of the constantly changing challenges of debt structuring.  We actively work to maintain abundant relationships with regional and community banks and private equity investors to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible financing rates and terms.  Despite current lending conditions, we have been able to assist in obtaining financing for a broad range of developments including multi-tenant retail centers, multi-tenant office suites, free-standing restaurants, industrial and manufacturing plants, medical and clinical facilities and multi-family developments.


Recent Success Story: A buyer and seller were brought together, by Drake, and agreed to a price.  The buyer had equity for a down payment, but was unable to obtain conventional financing during the development phase due to the age of their business.  Drake facilitated a 3rd party individual who provided bridge financing during the project development.  The transaction was held together, and all parties won due to Drake's creative solution.